SEO Is Not For Newbies & I Don’t Want You… Here’s Why!

In case you want to learn SEO but you’re a newbie then sadly I can’t teach you.

My ideal “student” is someone who already has a successful website or business and simple needs to add another traffic stream to his website with SEO.

You must also have money – without money you’re going to become brain-sick! Most SEO tactics just suck your brain of energy if you try to do them without the help of software, freelancers, a paid service or all three.

If you meet those two criteria then within approximately 2 months you can start seeing NEW traffic (laser-targeted that converts very well) primarily from Google.

The Problem With Newbies

Some newbies try SEO before knowing whether the time spent will pay off.

Once you build a website and you think it’s going to work test it with quick traffic getting methods such as buying some banner ads on related sites or things like that. Don’t test it out using SEO because it takes lots of time!

If your site does not work it’s useless to send traffic to it! You may not understand that statement right now, but it’s true.

Other type of folks build quick sites to rank quickly (that’s a sort of mantra nowadays with make money fast formulas). Unfortunately I don’t want those type of people neither because I believe in the long term those type of websites will become useless (and most probably lose all rankings).

I prefer help people who have a quality business and simple want to use SEO as another way to get traffic!

So before thinking about doing any SEO first think about how you’re going to make money. SEO is just a traffic method. Let’s say you decide to sell info-products – well once you build your website/s and test it using other traffic sources knowing it does work… then you can try out SEO.

So ideally SEO isn’t for newbies but those who have a solid business. If you’re already making money from your existing website/s and want to add a new traffic source try out SEO, otherwise trust me…


Tiger Woods Teaching SEO!

If you knew nothing about golf how would you find out who’s the best player? And who’s second best, third best and so on?

Here’s how:

Which player won the most tournaments, trophies, etc?
Which player current and past golf players recommend (if you had to ask them)?

You’ll also consider other less important criteria to decide, such as:

Which player other non-golf players like football, basketball players recommend?

You’ll also want to know if any players use or used doping or other “cheating”…

In SEO Google is doing a similar thing. How does it find the best site for a given keyword (e.g. anti spyware software), second best, third best and so on?

Here’s how:

Which site has the highest number of backlinks with the keyword anti spyware software in anchor text?

Which site has those backlinks from sites about anti spyware software (we call these related sites)?

Google also checks to see if any site is cheating. They consider “cheaters” sites that:

Have all their backlinks pointing to the same page (e.g. the homepage)
Have all their backlinks with the same keyword in anchor text.

In some cases also websites which get a huge spike of backlinks extremely quickly (such is in one day) compared to other days… (e.g. your site gets an average of 10 backlinks a day yet on a particular day it got 7,000)

So your job is to make sure:

a) You get backlinks using the keyword you want to rank for in anchor text! Since you probably want to rank for more than just 1 keyword you have to randomly use all those keywords in anchor text.

b) However don’t always use those same few keywords you want to rank for in anchor text! Use random keywords and even the url itself sometimes as anchor text, e.g.

c) You get backlinks from related sites!

d) The backlinks should link to the page you want to rank for but don’t always link to it – use the 70/30 guideline…

e) Avoid spikes, experience from me and many other experts show that getting 15-30 backlinks everyday allows you to be in the so called “safe zone”… You’ll avoid penalties.

Finally remember black hat – I didn’t even mention it because I absolutely don’t recommend any black hat SEO!

For the complete set of tactics, exactly laid out so you can follow step-by-step visit: With these tactics you’ll get top rankings and a typhoon of traffic within 2 months!

The system I mention is EVERYTHING it includes keyword research tactics plus the most effective ways to get a LOT of the right type of backlinks easily!

I know what you’re thinking – some of this may seem confusing at first, that’s why feel free to leave a comment with your questions!