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If you don't know how to do keyword research (or why) to uncover the best possible keywords for your website read the No B.S. articles on keyword research!

You can do keyword research using FREE tools, but if you invest in a paid tool you have additional benefits!

Benefits of paid keyword research software versus free ones:

Find thousands of keywords in mere seconds. Plus find easy-to-rank keywords (low competition and high traffic) that will be impossible with free keyword tools!
Most free tools won't uncover thousands of keywords and certainly not within seconds - so you'll never know about easy-to-rank keywords!
Pick any keyword from the list of thousands and a paid tool will "drill down" finding hundreds more keywords... generating more & more keywords!
With most free tools you have to do that manually, it's impossible to generate thousands of keywords super quick... plus they lack many other extra features that paid tools have!
Paid tools will tell you advanced statistics about the traffic and competition of every keyword.
Free tools don't give you this information and it will be impossible to check this data manually for thousands of keywords!
You will have a competitive advantage when using a paid tool because you can find keywords your competition have no clue they even exist - in other words easy-to-rank low competition keywords!
If you use the same free tools like your competition it's likely you're going to compete with them for the same keywords.

I've been "in the game" for the last 7+ years these software are hand-picked, I know they will help you find low competition high search volume keywords! More importantly do it faster & quicker than any free tool!
Keyword research is the foundation of SEO so if you can invest in a paid tool you'll do yourself a favor. You'll have a tool at your disposal you can 'fire up' anytime and can guarantee you'll find high traffic low competition keywords!

So here's my list of recommended paid and free keyword research software >>

Paid Tools

Keyword Elite

Keyword Elite
This is fun, literally. I love using software, push a button and this present you with thousand of keywords.

Talk about the ability to find low competition high traffic keywords then this is definetly the solution!

Watch Keyword Elite video below:

Build long tail keyword lists with lightning speed!
Generate the largest, most diversified keyword lists imaginable.
Uncover keyword phrases I guarantee you had absolutely no idea people actually searched on!

Keyword elite has way more features then just keyword research, you can use it if you're doing PPC too!

Visit Keyword Elite >>

Niche Finder

Niche Finder

SUPER simple, yet powerful. Green means low competition, Yellow means moderate competition, & Red means stay away!
Quickly see estimated daily & monthly search counts for each keyword!
Filter your keyword list to calculate how many daily searches you can expect to get with the low competition keywords you find!
Take a low competition keyword and drill down into it by generating an unlimited number of long tail keywords based on the seed keyword you selected!

See software in action:

Visit Niche Finder >>

Keyword Mass

Keyword Mass

This software does just one thing, but it does it extremely good: It generates keywords! Unlike other tools it does not tell you competition number or number of searches, but it's really good at generating huge amount of keywords!

Remember the key is to find as many keywords as you can! Use this tool with Niche Finder or another software to get the number of competition and searches for keywords you uncover!

Generate massive keyword lists by inputting a single seed keyword and clicking go!
Build a "buyer" keyword lists by choosing to build your list from 1 of MANY sources!
Create keyword lists in nearly any language!
Allows the use of proxies.
Uses some nine different search engines to generate keywords such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Ask, Ebay, Amazon, and Shopping!

Watch how to use it, (no instruction manual needed it's super easy):

Visit Keyword Mass >>

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro

Take the free trial to see for yourself this software in action. Some features are avialable with different versions of Long Tail Pro!

Competitor Analysis on top 10 Google Results for each keyword... to know if keywords are easy or hard to rank for!
Advanced filters e.g. only show keywords with a minimum number of monthly searches...
Very fast you can enter multiple keywords and it gives you up to 800 related keywords for every one of them!
Advanced competitor analysis features...

Visit Long Tail Pro >>

Market Samurai

Never tried it but can recommend it just the same from the raving reviews I heard... They have free trial, video demonstrations and so on! Definitely worth a look!

Free Tools

Since they're free you can use them both...

Keyword Optimizer Pro

Google's Free Keyword Tool

Take action, practise using them, almost all of these tools come with tutorials and plenty of tips on how to effectively do keyword research!

Keyword research is absolutely critical download all the free tools, or better still get a paid keyword tool so your chances of finding easy-to-rank keywords fast will increase!


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