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The more backlinks you get the more your rankings increase! So the more of these software and tools you use the better! It will be easier and faster to get backlinks when you use these software than trying to do it manually!

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Each product in each category can be rated maximum of 5 stars!

Article Submission

This consists of creating articles (yourself or you can hire someone from iWriter) and submitting them to article directories!

You can also use freelancing websites to hire writers such as, and so on.

Article Submitter (free or paid version) 

Article Submitter Brad Callen
Paid version isn't worth your money.

Unless there's a major upgrade to the paid version just get the free version. The paid version has a lot of "dead" article directories, it has not been udpated for like 3 years...

But there's a free version click here to get it!

Distribute Your Articles (paid)  << top rated for article submission

Distribute Your ArticlesThis is a service not free and not cheap, it's slightly better then other submitters because your articles are manually submitted to a huge number of article directories (and websites), around 1000 sites.

You just submit your article once to your members area and they'll do the submissions for you (you'll be able to see detailed statistics about submissions and there are many more features like spinning and so forth)!

Personally I used Distribute Your Articles and have nothing to complain! This is the article submission tool I recommend if you want something other than free!

ArticleDemon (paid)

This will only submit to a total of 100 article directories compared to 1000+ of Distribute Your Articles and 374 of Article Submitter (85 free version)

But it has a scraper which allows you to find more article directories on the Internet and add them to software! You can also import directories that use a specific script e.g. ArticleMS, ArticleFriendly, ArticleDashboard, etc

So using the scraper or importing you can find submit to hundreds more article directories!

ArticeDemon will also create your accounts, verifies emails, submits content and do much more fully automatically!

Click here to see ArticleDemon full benefits!

Blog Commenting   << top rated for blog commenting

This is about leaving comments on other blogs. Problem is many use nofollow tags (which renders backlinks useless)... these software will help you find blogs without the nofollow tag and make it super easy to leave your comments!

Fast Blog Finder (free or paid version)

Fast Blog Finder
Find blogs without nofollow tag
 Post comments to blogs directly from the software...
 Find blogs by keyword/s
Find blogs with a specific domain or blog post pagerank
Check if your comments got approved...

This is highly recommended to do blog commenting!

BlogCommentDemon (paid)

All features of Fast Blog Finder but it has even more such as...

 Deeper search, you can search and other country domains

You can search up to 6 different blog platorms like wordpress, blogengine, etc.

Click here to view entire list of features & benefits of BlogCommentDemon >>

Directory Submission

Directory submission is the process of submitting your website to web directories. These directories are nothing more than a collection of websites (grouped nicely into categories and/or subcategories).

I don't recommend you purchase a software to submit to web directories, because backlinks from these sites aren't much powerful! Use one of the free tools.

Directory Submitter (free or paid version)

Directory Submitter

This contains hundreds of web directories, it will autofills forms and has many other features... (many of the directories may be "dead" but it's a free tool)

Very easy to use! Download it FREE!

OutRankSmart (paid)  << top rated for directory submission

This has 3736 web directories, autofills forms, creates profiles and also has a build in web browser with 10 tabs.

OutRankSmart will also allow you to get backlinks using other methods like link exchanges and it's own unique list of content sites that accept submissions!

Download OutRankSmart™

This is a software we created... best used for directory submission and the list of free websites to get one way links!

All In One Software

An all in one software refer to software that allows you to automate multiple link building methods with one software. So one software can submit to article directories, press release sites and web directories...

Magic Submitter (paid)

Magic Submitter
You can use this all in one software to submit your website, articles, links to all of the follow sites...

 Article directories
 Video Sites
 Forums Sites
 Press Release Sites
 Wordpress Blogs
 Pdf Sites

Plus it automatically creates & verifies accounts with all these sites for you and does much more... Click here to watch the video on how this works!

Watch the Magic Submitter Video:

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

SeNukeXCr (paid)  << top rated for all-in-one submitters PLUS complete SEO software - if you get this you don't need any other link building tools!

This is probably the best link building software! It's also an all in one software but it's also a 100% automatic software! This should probably be in a category of it's own!

It submits to blogs, social bookmarks, pdf sites, articles, wikis and much more all 100% automatically... you get thousands of backlinks over and over again!

 Super feature: Get links from ANY website on complete automation. Just show software what to do on a particular website (e.g. which buttons to press, where to input your text and links) and it will follow instructions for you on all websites similar to that one!

This is called a "script" and you can easily create this (using an easy to use wizard) or use the ready made scripts!

Click here to check out SEnukeXCr

Watch the SEnukeXCr Video:

Ok Jack now what do I do?

It all depends on your budget. Obviously the bigger your budget the more of these software you can get and the easier, faster and more backlinks you'll get!

I recommend either getting one All In One software like Magic Submitter OR get one other cheaper tool such as Distribute Your Articles.

Either way use also any and every free method you can too, such as forum posting or free software to submit to web directories!

It's important to have an understanding of SEO before spending any money on software - they won't perform miracles! You can download the No B.S. SEO System it's a C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E course with all the little-known proven strategies and techniques!

Jack Sarlo